Mero is Your Money.


Optimum Deflation

Whenever Mero Currency (MRO) is transferred, 0.01% of the transaction value is burned. This increases its value over time, our code-base is modified from the Bomb token. But the difference is our deflation rate is optimum, thus Mero currency can be used for everyday transactions. The feature is hard coded into the contract and automatically sends tokens, out of the circulation.

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Open Source

Mero Currency (MRO) is open source, community owned and driven. We are helping spearhead change in the crypto world, by encouraging mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments by open source development of revolutionary use cases, first being a donation engine and private app developers such as the cryptosoft app and other similar apps.

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Secure & Verifiable

Mero Currency (MRO) is safe and secure, and the contract code has been verified. Running on secure and decentralized Ethereum blockchain, you can transfer Mero with confidence. The transfer fee is low and transfer confirmations happen in less than a minute.

Buy Mero Currency $MRO on exchanges

Buying Mero on Exchanges

You can buy Mero Currency (MRO) from the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

Decentralized: MRO/WETH
Bamboorelay (non-CMC) MRO/WETH
TokenJar (non-CMC) MRO/WETH
ForkDelta MRO/ETH


Mercatox MRO/BTC
Mercatox MRO/ETH
Altilly MRO/ETH
Altilly MRO/BTC
Altilly MRO/USDT
Vindax MRO/ETH
Coinlim MRO/ETH
Bitcoin Token (BTCT)
0.016208 USD (133.48%)
0.00000170 BTC


$158.81 K USD

$712 USD
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Coinomi Altcoin Crypto Wallet

A Safe and Secure Wallet

The token is compatible with all ERC-20 compatible wallets, supporting Ethereum-based tokens, however the team has partnered with Coinomi wallet, because of their extensive support to new ambitious projects and great features of the platform. Coinomi is a multi-coin, multi asset wallet that supports over hundreds of different crypto assets on different blockchains. The wallet is available on Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS and Linux. It has been translated to 25 languages and offers FIAT representations in 168 currencies. Since its inception, no Coinomi wallet has ever been hacked or compromised. Funds are cryptographically secured, transactional data and IP addresses are hidden from prying eyes, so nobody can link you to the funds.

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Mero Donation Engine

Mass Adoption, One Donation at a Time!

We are helping drive the crypto mass-adoption agenda forward, by developing an open source "donation module" which anyone can add to their websites, blog etc. using an easy-to-install script. The streamlined and feature rich donation button will allow individuals and businesses to accept donations through a turn-key solution, right away in seconds. The project is in end stage and we are already in talks for partnership with other crypto project teams!

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Most Stable Deflationary Asset

Mero Currency (MRO) developers actually studied the other deflationary assets and found the burn rates in conjunction with the total supply for most of them, too impractical for day to day usage as a currency or a stable asset. Mero Currency (MRO) is a result of extensive research in tokenomics, financial case studies, effect of deflation over time and careful evaluation of other competitors. As a result, we have designed a currency which can additionally be used a store of value, hedging instrument and as an investment also.

Mero Github Opensource

Open Source and Transparent

Mero Currency (MRO) has an open source and verifiable code. Since this is a community owned and operated project, most of the supply will be released to the public via airdrops and competition giveaways. We are also looking for new ideas and planning to incorporate automation which you can refer visiting to develop this project and implement $MRO into the ecommerce systems, as well other innovative ways to introduce blockchain technology into everyday life, hence we welcome any suggestions or involvement from the community.

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Token Information
Token Name: Mero Currency
Ticker: MRO
Total Supply: 21 Million
Contract Address: 0x6ff313fb38d53d7a458860b1bf7512f54a03e968
Decimal: 18